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Discover The Top 2021 Soccer Video Games | Soccer Montreal

There is a treasure trove of soccer video games available to try out right now. Check out our handpicked recommended list of the best of the best.

The Best Soccer Video Games To Try In 2021

Video games are about more than just wasting time. They can also be educational, improve your cognitive abilities, and be deeply immersive too. Soccer games are a prime example, often acting as highly realistic simulations of the real thing. This means that sinking some time into a soccer games can not only be entertaining, but also serve to educate on how the deeper elements of the game function. With that being said, we put together a list of some of the best games to dive into right now.

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But if it’s soccer you’re into, check out these top picks:

Rocket League

Rocket League has been out for years now and is still one of the most popular football simulations in the world. Some would argue that the game is hardly an accurate representation of football, and they’d be correct.

After all, rocket powered remote controlled cars are hardly accurate human simulations. However, what Rocket League does incredibly well is demonstrate virtually every other aspect of the physical game. Teamwork, position on the field, and strategy is all dealt with impressively well.

              Football, Tactics And Glory

From fast paced action to deeply thoughtful tactics, we have the aptly named Football, Tactics And Glory. The action is slowed way down here, turning kicking a ball into something far more akin to chess. The player will thoughtfully decide each move in a turn-based scenario, allowing for all the time in the world to consider how things are going to play out. It’s an interesting experiment, and really a fascinating way to think about how games move forward on a moment-by-moment basis.

              Behold The Kickmen

Behold The Kickmen is something to check out only to have a hearty laugh. It clearly isn’t meant to be taken seriously and has absolutely nothing to do with the real game. Instead, it is a tongue in cheek beat ‘em up that is all about letting off some steam.

Regardless of how silly it is, the action is certainly hysterically entertaining. Warning: it involves characters literally exploding when struck by footballs that are kicked so hard that they burst into flames.


You know what FIFA is, and have probably played it already. There is much controversy regarding this long running series at the moment, and many have soured on it in recent years. Though, despite what you might think about loot boxes, there is still a very impressive simulation game to be enjoyed.

              Pro Evolution Soccer

Those who have grown to dislike FIFA will often recommend PES as a better alternative. This is very debatable, since it really depends on what the player is looking for. One thing is for certain, however, and that is that PES is a far more realistic take on the sport.

With that being said, it really is a matter of preference.